How to Increase Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority [2022 Strategy]

Domain authority is a measure of how well a website ranks on Google. But do you know how to increase domain authority?

Well, if you want to learn how to increase domain authority, this article is for you.

You can read more about the difference between domain rating and domain authority here.

What are the Benefits of Having a High Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority (DA) score, which was developed by the SEO tool Moz, is used to forecast the likelihood that a website would rank on search engines. The score is determined using a number between 1 and 100.

Having a high Domain Authority score has the following advantages:

  • Websites can quickly soar to the top of search results.
  • Once the website receives the top spot in the SERP, it will boost the website traffic.
  • Draw visitors to submit backlinks on their own initiative.

You can check Domain Authority in the following methods:

  • You can check DA by going to
  • In the analysis field, type the website’s URL. Next, select Analyze.
  • You can see the DA score in the overview column.
How to Improve Domain Authority

Let’s look at how to raise the domain authority of your website after learning what the advantages of domain authority are.

8 Ways to Increase Domain Authority

Here are some techniques you may use to increase your Domain Authority:

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

A website that is optimized for mobile devices is said to be mobile-friendly. Making a website that works on mobile devices is essential today. How come? The following are the justifications for developing a mobile-friendly website:

  • One of the aspects that affects the DA score is a website that is responsive to mobile devices. So, optimizing a website for mobile devices may help to raise its Domain Authority.
  • 62.06% of website traffic comes from internet users who use mobile devices.
  • Google’s algorithm prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in search results.

2. Do Competitor Content Research

Content quality is one of the determinants of the DA score. That is why, researching competitor content on similar topics can be a way to increase Domain Authority.

For example, you want to write an article about “domain extensions”. The top three results for the keyword “domain extension” can be analyzed to determine their ranking.

Try to research the keywords utilized, the structure and content of article headlines, and other topics when conducting research. Then you simply write material that is more thorough than your rivals’.

3. Write SEO-Friendly Content

Writing SEO-friendly articles is extremely vital when crafting a content. Because readers may become disinterested in your material if your writing is sloppy. As a result, increasing your Page Authority score becomes increasingly challenging.

The possibility of ranking website pages in the SERP will be determined by Page Authority (PA), just like with DA. Here are some guidelines you may use to create articles that are search engine friendly:

  • Create structured headings and subheadings.
  • Add bullet points or a list of numbers so that the content looks neat.
  • Use a font type and size that is comfortable to see.
  • Bold important words or sentences so that visitors can easily remember them.

4. Write New Content Regularly

You shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to raise your Domain Authority by consistently submitting new content. The advantages go beyond just raising the DA score. The website’s general SEO performance is also enhanced by the new content, which increases website traffic and makes it simple for Google to index the website.

A strong backlink profile affects DA ratings and backlinks are one technique to raise domain authority.

In order to develop excellent backlinks, you should be careful to avoid using connections from unimportant websites. To obtain excellent backlinks, it is also necessary to take the website’s popularity into account.

You can create quality backlinks in simple ways, such as:

  • Write your top quality content. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete with other content, which would make it tough for you to gain backlinks.
  • To get other websites to connect to your content, promote your content on social media.
  • Post your articles to sites that link back to your website.

6. Optimize your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO optimization is one way to increase Page Authority which of course will also make your website rank skyrocket in search engines.

As a result, Google will have an easier time understanding the content of your website and determining if it is pertinent to user queries or not.

Here’s what you can do to optimize on-page SEO:

  • Provide users with high-quality and helpful content.
  • Optimization of image ALT text and ALT tags, as well as title and meta tag optimization.
  • Including keywords as naturally as you can.
  • Strengthen internal links.
  • Add external links.

7. Optimize your Off-Page SEO

Increasing Domain Authority can also be accomplished through off-page SEO optimization. This is so because while calculating the DA score, the Moz algorithm takes the website’s SEO performance into account.

Off-page SEO is now more concentrated on activities that take place off of a website, such as link building, brand mentions in online media, user reviews, and social media interaction.

8. Technical SEO Optimization

The last method to increase your Domain Authority is technical SEO optimization, which concentrates on website architecture.

Search engine bots will find it simpler to web crawl your website if it has a clean structure. As a result, search engine results for your website pages will show up when people enter specific keywords linked to your content.

The following actions can help you optimize technical SEO:

  • Create an XML sitemap when building a website and submit it to Google Search Console so that Google can crawl your website.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content – Duplicate stuff on your website is comparable content. This should be avoided since if your website has multiple pieces of content that are similar, Google could not know which one to rank.
  • Install SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – One of the most crucial things you should do is install SSL. Because Google undoubtedly wants visitors to feel secure every time they browse the website.


Well, there are a variety of strategies to boost domain authority, such as making a website mobile-friendly, consistently publishing high-quality content, developing backlink profiles, and optimizing website pages.

A website still needs to be accompanied by a domain extension that corresponds to the niche in order to improve its ranking in the SERP, which is of equal importance. Because if you pick the incorrect one, it could be challenging for your website to achieve the greatest rating in the SERP.

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